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Virtual Showcase

Really missing the opportunity to attend art shows and connect face-to-face with people! Some fellow artisans and I got together and created a virtual showcase to share how we create our work and talk about the types of materials and methods we use.

You can learn about the many different types of woodturning from Frank Pagura of Frank Originals, see how gorgeous stones are turned into beautiful artistic jewelry and sandblasted stone creations by Mary and Spencer Watson of Silver Stone Handcrafted, discover how Arlene Burkhardt of Scallywags Pet FURniture, etc. uses recycled items to create pet furniture and more, and find out about needle felting 2D pet and animal portraits from me, Kathryn Pagura of 16 Paws Enterprises, LLC.

We created two versions of the video .... a shorter 'trailer' that gives you an overview of each segment, and a full-length episode that goes more into detail. Feel free to check out either one or both! by clicking on the links below to view the videos on the FAVES art YouTube channel.

Trailer 11:16

Full Length Episode 49:12


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