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Four dogs sitting

Welcome from the pack!

The '16 paws' shown above are the inspiration for 16 Paws Enterprises, LLC - read more about their story below.  We specialize in needle felted animal portraits and costume ears for humans to wear that match a specific pet or breed. Standard items are available for those who don't need to match a particular pet. Click one of the buttons below to view our product collections.


WHY "16 PAWS"?

We adopted a wonderful pack of 4 dogs who became a big part of our life.  Their previous human pack leaders died tragically in a motorcycle accident, and it was stated in their will that every effort should be made to keep the pack together if anything ever happened to the humans.  Fortunately for us and the dogs, things lined up just right for us to take them in as a group and we have been enjoying the adventures ever since.  In honor of them, we chose 16 Paws as our name.

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